A Breakthrough Strategy
to Grow Your Business

Has your business stalled? Perhaps you've exhausted all your resources and those of your core team. You’ve tapped out your new business networks and your marketing is stale. While your company remains viable, you know it's just a matter of time before the competition begins edging you out.

It's time for a breakthrough strategy. It's time to deploy your own "Army of Entrepreneurs," What does that mean? It means that you are going to teach every member of your staff to do the things that are necessary for your business to grow and succeed. Each person will develop an "owner's mindset" and become a powerful force for growth within your organization.

This book offers practical advice on how to find, train, motivate and deploy your own in-house army of entrepreneurs. "Army of Entrepreneurs: Create an Engaged and Empowered Workforce for Exceptional Business Growth" is the one resource you need to stay on top of the market and secure your business's long-term success.

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Army of Entrepreneurs book cover

Coming February 2011